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Love Your Home.

Be Inspired.


Minimalism. French Country. Contemporary. Traditional. Industrial. Shabby Chic. Seaside. Eclectic. Farmhouse. Classic. There are so many ways to define how we design the spaces in which we live. For those who prefer a contemporary style, their furniture will be sleek with straight lines and clean corners and only a few unique accent pieces will be added to ensure a pure visual appeal. French Country emphasizes timeless comfort, imbued with elements of luxury, charm, elegance and even ‘the’ rustic. There is something for everyone. Finding your personal interior design style is important to create the space of your dreams.


‘Inspiration’ is an abstract concept to wrap our minds around. Each of us is inspired by different things that we see, hear, smell and feel. I am inspired by the ocean, colour and poetry. Others are inspired by a child’s innocence or a setting sun or a cozy chair by a warm fire. Things that inspire us make us happier, more fulfilled and more motivated to create, learn and grow. Your home should inspire you and soak you with uplifting emotions. It should be designed and filled with things that tell a story about who you are as a person, a couple or a family.


Colour is critical to how we live. Colour can influence how we think, change our actions, and make us react in certain ways. Colour can annoy or soothe you, increase your blood pressure or curb your hunger. Colour can provide harmony and balance in our life or it can stimulate and energize us. There are over one million colour palettes in the world. We help our clients choose the right palette for their home – one that evokes the perfect combination of happiness, inspiration and energy.

Lilly Home + Design consultants provide customized interior design solutions for clients across London and Ontario, to create the homes of their dreams.